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About Zybio

Zybio Inc. (referred to as “Zybio”) is a national high tech enterprise founded in 2008, one of the leading Chinese medical company dedicated in  a comprehensive line of IVD reagents and equipment, including Chemistry, Hematology, POCT, Molecule, Immunoassay, Biomaterials.

Since the beginning, Zybio has implemented high standard in all aspects in terms of research & development, production, marketing, sales and technical services, to satisfy the needs of our users.

Until March 2018, Zybio has more than 700 employees, of which 1/3 are from R&D department. R&D capability guarantees our future, we have set up 4 R&D centers to drive us move forward.

Chongqing R&D center focuses on reagent, biomaterials, POCT; Shanghai R&D center dedicates in chemiluminiscence, molecule; Guangzhou R&D center specializes in chemistry, hematology; Shenzhen R&D center concentrates on hematology.

Based on the ideology of “plan together, create together, share together”, We have set up a network of operations throughout China and keep expanding globally.


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