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R&D center

Zybio regards Research & Development as the engine of enterprise, which guarantees our future and drives continuous development of Zybio. We have consistently made huge investment into R&D, currently we have 4 R&D centers located respectively in Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. At same time, in order to keep competitiveness of enterprise from the origin, Zybio is continuously investing in R&D to improve our product, develop new product and research the advanced technology in IVD industry.

Chongqing R & D Center

focus on chemistry reagent, raw material and POCT

Shanghai R & D Center

dedicate in molecule, chemiluminiscence and raw material

Guangzhou R & D Center

specialize in R&D of IVD instrument

Shenzhen R & D Center

focus on hematology, hemostasis

R&D capacity

More than 200 R&D staffs are working in Zybio, of which are doctors, masters and senior engineers, which accounts for one-third of company’s staffs. Most of them have deep accumulation in IVD with better understanding about product and customer need. 

Our R&D platform covers the field of clinical chemistry, immunochromatography, coagulation, chemiluminescence, hematology and molecule in both instrument and reagent. We are one of the few leading company in China masters in bio-chemical raw materials.



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