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Sales Representative (Spanish)


Job Responsibilities

1 Accept the company's sales plan, develop a detailed market and customer development plan to ensure finalizing sales target. 

2 Responsible for market development, management and maintenance of marketing channels to maintain sustained and rapid sales growth.

3 Responsible for the development, management and maintenance of distributors and partners.

4 Enhance the company's products in the target market share and international influence. 

5 Understand the market and customer needs and feedback to the company to promote the company's products and technology upgrades and improvements. 

6 Analysis of the market and the characteristics of competitors, make effective sales strategy and implement.

 Job requirements:

1 major in international trade, Spanish or medicine, bachelor degree or above.

2 Spanish level 6 or above, have good listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, can use Spanish as working language.

3 Have good communication skills and coordination ability.

4 Good adaptable ability, work hard and accept long-term business trip abroad.

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